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Walking down the aisle

My father passed away 2 years ago and I was very close with him. Well my mother has been remarried for 8 years since my parents had divorced when I was young.

She is expecting me to have my stepfather walk me down the aisle but I feel like it isnt right. Has anyone dealt with this before?

I am thinking of walking by myself and telling my stepfather that it is nothing against him.

Re: Walking down the aisle

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    Are you close with your mom?  Maybe you can have your mom walk you down the aisle.  Or do you have a grandpa or uncle that you're close to?  A brother? 

    If you don't have anyone else, maybe you can sit down with your mom and tell her that you want to walk down the aisle by yourself cuz you know that your dad will be there with you in spirit. 

    I hope it all works out for you!

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    It's perfectly acceptable to walk yourself down the aisle. It may hurt your step dad, and you need to be prepared for that, but it's your choice and it's definitely reasonable.
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    It is your day, and you should be the one to feel  comfortable with whatever you choose. I agree, if you don't want to walk solo down the aisle, ask your mom, grandpa, or a brother if you have one and are close. Otherwise, if you feel confident to walk solo....I say go for it.

    Just tell your mom your reasoning for not choosing your step father.

    If you are thinking of not asking him because it would hurt your dad, you can honor your dad in other ways.  Lighting a candle, a special rose/flower in your bouquet, tucking a picture of him in to your bouquet....

    Best of wishes!

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    My father won't be there to walk me down the aisle either (for completely different reasons), and although I have uncles, brothers, and countless other people who could walk me down the aisle, I'm choosing to walk down by myself. Here's the twist though: my fiance is going to walk toward me as I walk down the aisle, and we're going to meet in the middle <3
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    I think it is perfectly acceptable to walk down the aisle by yourself. I am walking down the aisle by myself. My father will be there but not walking me down the aisle. I have three parents that are important to me and cannot choose one over the other. I think they would enjoy seeing me walk down the aisle than walking me down. I really like the lighting candle thing. Two of my grandfathers have passed away and I want to honor them. I think if you let your stepdad know your feelings, he will be ok with it. Good luck!
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