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According to TMZ, Courtney Love is 'not happy' about the Nirvana/Paul McCartney collaboration.

Color me shocked.  Ms. Love will only be happy if Cobain raises from the dead or something.  She is *the worst*.

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    She has gotten crazy about the NIrvana legacy.  She's crazy anyway, but that seems to be how she gets most of her attention.  I had such high hopes for her back in the day.

    I think if it had been presented as something other than Nirvana fronted by PM, maybe it'd gone over better?  Or just a whole new band?  Grohl plays for at least 2 other bands, I don't think people would have a hard time accepting that.

    I still don't get why they didn't just have Dave Grohl sing.  Maybe he didn't want to though.  I can see how that would be painful for him.  I'll never forget watching some documentary on Foo Fighters.  They were filming him and he was drunk and yelling at the camera about how he'd been part of the greatest band ever and you could tell he was still angry and hurt over the whole thing (this has been probably five + years ago now).
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    Awww...Poor Dave.  :(  That's sad.

    Yeah, I thought Courtney was really going to make something of herself in the movies.  And Hole wasn't a bad band, they were all just totally fvcked up on a bunch of crap.  Sadly, she's ailenated everyone...Especially Frances Bean.

    I'm not sure about the whole PM thing either.  It's just so out of left field, IMO.
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    I admit to liking that "Don't make me over" song by Hole. I don't know the name. It was catchy.
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    Celebrity Skin, NOLA.  One of the best openings to any rock song, ever, IMHO.
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    Ok. I never knew the name.

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