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Since I missed the below...I'm off today/next week for DH's spring break and packing for an overnight trip to AC.

Overnight trip. One night. I have a suitcase packed AND an overnight bag. For one fricking night. Oh sure, DH has some clothes in the suitcase but it's mostly my stuff. I am high maintenance. The hair crap and makeup alone needs it's own suitcase.

::hangs head in shame::

Also I'm about to lie to my family about the cat. They didn't want us to do anything else and put her down but she's at the hospital now, for more surgery. I had 3 vets talk to me and convince me more surgery is 100% warranted and it's the best thing for her, we're not being selfish AND they aren't trying to make money. They wore me down and made me feel like a bad cat mom if we didn't do this. You guys can judge me but I don't want to hear it from my family.

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    I'm outta here....enjoy the weekend!
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    Surprised@ surgery for your cat
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    I hope the vets were actually giving their best advice.  But I can't fault you for deciding the way you did.


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I don't judge. H was thisclose to sending his dog BFF to UCD at the suggestion of the vet, sort of a last ditch effort to find out what was causing her seizures.
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