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How's the bed time working these days?  Have you used/liked/hated the clock thing?

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    (warning, long response)

    We're not exactly using the clock for its intended purpose.  "Blue" is supposed to mean lights out, stay in bed. 

    Instead, we keep the clock in the kitchen, and "blue" (and the accompanying creepy voice) means "start picking up toys and head to bath." 

    He definitely knows what it means. And he pretty much complies.  Which is helping, because it's keeping US on schedule, vs. letting the night get away from us and starting his whole routine too late.

    (One night, though, he said, "No blue. Make it yellow." - um, no, kid. That's not how it works.)

    Still, it's 11:00 before he's asleep most nights.  H has been putting him to bed almost exclusively since Thanksgiving.  Which is good and bad for me.  I get a few things done, but not much. And I don't get to do storytime, which I love. 

    Anyway, H has managed, over MANY months, to slowly move out of the room.  Last night, he left while Dex was still awake, and Dex stayed in bed until he fell asleep.  So, yay for that.

    Monday night, though, we tried to have me in the room and do the same thing, hoping he would think "this is how bedtime works now." No way.

    Dex: Mom lay down.
    H: "Mom's going to sit by the door."
    D: NO!  Dad sits by the door. Mom lay down! Mom go seep seep!
    H: Mom's going to sit by the door tonight.
    cue hysterics. I mean, he was distraught. more "Mom lay down! Mom stay! Mom go seep seep!"  Then he started sharing his stuff with me, which is pretty huge. "Mom's pillow!" (and he threw it to me so I could have it and stay) "Mom's blanket!" 

    I mean, the child wanted me to stay so badly that he was giving away his pillow and blanket. 

    By that point, I was sobbing and basically told H to shove it. I mean, don't tell me I have to sit 4 feet from my hysterically upset toddler and not hug him.

    Finally, H says, "You can lie NEXT TO the bed and hold his hand."  That sounds bad, but I don't want to undo all of the work he's put into this over so many months, either.  I typically put my head on the bed (mattress on teh floor) because it's more comfortable for me.  But I just laid on the floor and held Dex's hand, and he was instantly quiet and happy.

    I think we'll just stick to H doing bedtime for a while. He's gone enough nights that I will get a few storytimes in. 

    And it's sortof fair, because if Dex gets up during the night (a couple of times/week), I'm the only one he wants.  Last night, I was up with him for three hours.   

    Anyway, thanks for asking. :)

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    I'm glad it's at least getting better.  I was thinking about you as 6let was screaming at 4 am, then I saw your fb post.  We still haven't started the big boy bed, but it's looming.  I have the clock in the back of my head, but don't want to spend the money yet.

    I don't know what's up with our kid.  4:15 every morning for the past week he's waking up screaming.  He'll go back to sleep after 15 mins or so, but it's getting old.
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    Nightmares? 2y molars?  If Dex kicks off the covers or something, he'll wake up because he's cold. 

    Definitely crazy.  Naturally, he woke up Desmond this morning when he was screaming at 2:30.  At least H was able to deal with that while I worked on getting Dex back to sleep.  I can't imagine he's having that great of a day, either. Poor kid.

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    I'm a little hazy on the teeth thing.  He's got a total of 8 molars and I don't see where there is room for more.  Then again he hasn't gotten new teeth in ages.  Bottom line I don't know how many he's supposed to have/get.

    I thought nightmares, or maybe the furnace is kicking on around then and it's the right part of his sleep cycle to wake him.  Who knows, I just hope it stops.

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    8 molars is all he gets this time, so you're good.  20 teeth total.  We're still waiting on the last 4.  (Desmond has 14 to go and does not handle teething nearly as well as Dexter did/does.)

    I'm sure it will end soon.  With littles, everything is a phase, you know?  And you're doing a great job getting him prepped for 6lette, so hopefully that will be a smooth transition with little to no regression, too.

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