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So, I asked one of my good friends that I work with to be one of my bridesmaids.  She was so happy that I asked her and I was really glad I did.  Then, three days ago, she called me beacuse she was having difficulties filling out the reply card (I'm not sure what was so hard about it, but I talked her through it) and she asked me if she could put down 4 instead of 2 (one for her and one for her husband).  She said that her husband wanted to bring two of his friends to the wedding.  From what my bridesmaid has said about these people, I don't want them there.  She doesn't even like them.  I told her no and she pleaded with me and said that if I said no than she woud look like the bad guy.  I don't want people that I don't know at my wedding.  Well, she hasn't spoken to me since, and I called her to ask why she was mad at me and she sent me right to voicemail.  I'm not sure if this is something that is going to blow over, or should I tell her not to even bother coming to the wedding.  I still want her there, but if she is going to me mad at me, then I don't want her to come.  My wedding is in 6 weeks and I feel that this is something that I should not be dealing with right now.

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    Why would she be the bad guy for not letting her husband bring friends to the wedding? Tell her to let them think you're the bad guy. You have no obligation to entertain people you don't even know.

    I wouldn't bother apiologizing. Just reiterate that while it's really important for you to have her there, you don't have the money or the space to invite additional guests. Then let her decide whether or not to show up. If she holds a grudge over something so idiotic, I'd say the friendship isn't worth saving.
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    She has no right to invite anyone to your wedding.  You and your FI have total veto power when it comes to the guest list.  Shame on this woman for trying to invite people to someone else's wedding!!!
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    maybe the husband would like to anti up the cost for each of "his guests" and I would give him a price that is outrageous....LOL
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    How very bizarre.  You really don't need to let these people come to the wedding.  Maybe if they were out of town from Siberia, but sounds like they are locals.
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    Who would even want to go to a friend of a friend's wedding?  Especially if they've never even met the bride and groom.  If you value her friendship call (and leave a message if she doesn't answer) saying that while you would love her company on your day, you really can't afford to have more guests.  If they want to pay for it say that it's a space issue.  Personally, if one of my friends did this to me....I would probably just go with the flow because I'm a bit of a push over when it comes to my, the more the merrier.
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    She told me today that she no longer wanted to have any part in my wedding.  She did apologize (in email, not even to my face), but she blamed her behavior on me.  You can't apologize then blame the person you are apologizing to.  She was the one who ended our friendship, but I'm not really upset.  Who needs a friend who will stab you in the back the first time something doesn't go her way?
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