Wedding Woes

A review of stuff...

-Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery.
I am 90% done w/ this book and I've liked it, but it is to. damn. long.  At this point, I may skip the last 100 pages and just find out whether or not she marries the guy.
(If I summed up the plit, I'd say 'if Jane Austin were wordier, 'kinder' to the butts of her jokes and a little more sarcastic, you've got VF"

Let the Bullets Fly
-This was odd.  It's a Chineese action-y movie nbut is pretty 'artsy'.   and I liked it, but it was odd. 

I had something else that wasn't a book/movie to review, but I can't remember what itw as.  

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