What's for dinner?

Any yummy plans for tonight?  What do you have planned for the rest of the week?

Re: What's for dinner?

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    Tonight - chicken something... we're not doing anything special for v-day
    Tuesday - maybe takeout.  We're meeting out accountant then going to the gym so we'll be home late

    That's all I've got.  I haven't planned meals for this week.
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    amy727amy727 member
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    Tonight:  Most likely something quick like fish and veggies because we are going to the gym.  Nothing special for V-day
    Tuesday:  chicken parm
    Wednesday:  Spaghetti squash with turkey sausage
    Thursay:  something quick to eat on the road... we are driving to Pittsburgh

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    mana8503mana8503 member
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    Mmm we didn't follow ANY thing from last week.  I just made the chilli last night...

    Mon-Tues - Chilli
    Wed - Spaghetti with soy cumbles, mushrooms and spinach
    Thursday - Chilli (if any is left)
    Friday - Spaghetti
    Saturday - Cajun tilapia and veggies?
    Sunday - Steak?
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    ev4149ev4149 member
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    Tonight:   Leftovers from last night.  Baked eggplant parm and whole wheat pasta.
    Tomorrow:  I am thinking crock pot - perhaps split pea soup.
    Wednesday:  Breakfast for dinner (omlettes!)

    I haven't gotten further than that.
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    Northstar1808Northstar1808 member
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    Tonight - my mom's cooking filet mignon, roasted potatoes, and stir-fried string beans
    Tomorrow - I'm going to try to make MH's Fra Diavolo dish and chocolate souffle for our Valentine's dinner
    Wed. - on our own because I have work
    Thurs. - leftovers
    Friday - my mom's probably cooking or eating out because DH has a flag football game
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    tonight- pizza & wine with my honey
    tues- corned beef and cabbage with my family (early st. pattys day celebration)
    wed- homemade philly cheese steaks
    thurs- crab meat & pasta in a white wine garlic sauce
    fri- steaks (on the grill hopefully)
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    Tonight: Turkey sloppy joes
    Tuesday: Chicken fajitas
    Wednsday: on our own
    Thursday: parm-crusted tilapia or almond-crusted salmon
    Friday: date night
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    DH switched days for his night job and threw a wrench in my dinner plans.

    Tonight was supposed to be turkey meatloaf but since he has off we will be having that tomorrow. Tonight if we can't get a reservation anywhere (which will probably happen) we will order in, probably sushi.

    Wednesday - Pot of gravy
    Thursday - Flounder and veggies
    Friday - out with friends
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    I asked Gzilla what he wanted tonight... and he said "cheesy potatoes."

    So I'm going to the butcher to get good steaks... and then making some kind of cheesy potato.  No idea. Probably broccoli also.

    Tues-pork of some kind
    Fri-possibly going to a friends do test out a new board game he invented? I'm actually super excited about it.
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    We celebrated Valentine's Day last night since H works tonight. He's on pm shift all week so I'll be cooking for myself.

    Monday - Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes
    Tuesday - Tuna Pitas with an Orange Salad
    Wednesday - Cheesy Stuffed Shells with a Salad
    Thursday - Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rosemary Potatoes
    Friday - Marinated Shrimp Scampi
    Saturday - Homemade Corn Dogs (Veggie Dogs, lol) with Garlic Baked Potato Wedges
    Sunday - Dinner out

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    tonight- leftover Capital Grille from last night- yummm!
    Tom- chicken wings and homemade fries
    Wed- Shrimp w/ mushrooms, spincah and pasta
    Thur- chicken pot pie over FILs
    Fri- out
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