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Re: rant.

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    Don't be guilt tripped about her not being in the WP. You don't have to have her. Your FI can have her on his side if he wants. His nieces or nephews being excluded sort of bothers me, especially as you would be splitting up the family. His sister's children is much different than your Other Guests. I can see both points of view.
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    Are you inviting some of FSIL's kids and not the rest?  I think it's rude to split up families--either invite all of FSIL's kids or none.  The exception to this being if some of the children are adults and some are still young.  If they are all young, then they should all be invited.

    FWIW, we are not inviting children to our wedding either.  The only exceptions are the kids in the wedding party.  You should exclude in circles, like "only nieces and nephews," but you shouldn't split up families.
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    So you two of her three kids are invited?  That's a bit effed up.  I get having a no kid reception or making a compromise, but splitting up a family is not cool.
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    I don't mind no kid weddings, but think nieces and nephews should be invited, thats immediate family.  And breaking up a family is NEVER ok.
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    I'm all for no kid weddings, love em.  Splitting up families is never ever appropriate or gracious or polite.  Your FSIL is right to be angry.  You either go no kids or all nieces and nephews.  I'd be livid too if you did a pick and choose with my kids and they were nieces and nephews.

    I LOVE no kid weddings but your approach on this was all wrong.
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    I can't even believe you actually told her one of her kids couldn't come to the wedding.  You knew it would be splitting up the family and you did it anyway.

    It sounds like having his family there, ALL of his family, is important to your FI.  I can't imagine telling my DH that he couldn't invite whoever he wanted to HIS OWN WEDDING.

    You are a gem.
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    Honestly, I'd tell her that it's because her kid is a hellion.
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