Wedding Woes


y'all, my mom is nuts but still.  if someone asked me to write a letter to my mom about how she effected my relationships, i think it would probably say, 'hey mom: how are you?  i'm fine, thanks.  so thanks for laughing at some of the guys that i brought to meet you and dad.  they WERE losers, so i appreciate it.  hey, when we come to visit, can we go to the good rice cake place on lawrence?  not dokil, nak kwon (dokil is overpriced).  okay, see you soon!"

oh, and if i had said, "i want to pose in playboy", after she stopped laughing, i think she would have backhanded me into next week, like a good mom would.  just saying.

leilani srsly didn't know what to expect from george's mom?  y'all, george's mom didn't even try to fix her face when she saw and spoke to leilani.  i look forward to being like that to whoever baby mo brings home one day.

btw, i read steve's comments on the season premiere, and michelle's letter made me laugh.  fyi, michelle was the prom queen and did really well in school, so steve feels it made sense that her parents paid more attention to her sister who had it harder.  when life has treated you pretty easy, maybe it's hard to feel sorry for you.

i love it when joanne comes in.  she is their mom/best friend, and some of these girls just want a hug from a mom-surrogate.

chasity, i didn't know what a go go dancer is, but you really didn't need to fill that in for me with all those details.  i can use the wikipedier.
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