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DH rocks!

He wanted a PS3.  We set aside a portion of our tax return so he could buy the system.   We were planning to spend close to $450 to get the system, an extra controller, and a few games.

DH was at work yesterday talking about getting a PS3.  His co-worker said he bought one and doesn't use it.  So he offered it to DH for $220.  That was with one controller and a couple games.

DH bundled up our PS2 and the games and took it all to Game Stop and turned it in for credit.  He got about $125 in credit.  He spend $57 over that to get three games and  a controller.

In total, DH spent $277 on his PS3.   Almost a $200 savings.  Go DH!

Re: DH rocks!

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    That's awesome!
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    Oh, boys and their video games. My FI has an xbox and PS2 that were given to him by family, when they 'upgraded' to the newer systems. So when he buys games he can get them for as low as $2 instead of $60. I'll take those savings for sure!

    I'm surprised he gave up his PS2, mine wouldn't want to part with any of his sytems.
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    Butter CookieButter Cookie member
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    FI has a PS2 that he hasn't used in years. Same with Gamecube, Xbox, and N64. Dude has an addiction.
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