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a baby-sis story. For Kuus. SUbtitled: why baby sis is going to eventually get shot (and look relati

For those who don't know, baby sis is a bit of a loudmouth sometimes (I adore her--she has brass ones)

Aenyhoo, baby-sis moved from the frozen tundra/lower Canada to warmer climates. 

During the recent snowmageddon, her new, warmer home got snow.

She was driving (thinking these people really didn't know WTF to do w/ snow) and she nearly witnessed an accident.  Guy in a giant SUV spent 45 minutes holding up traffic and causing chaos, trying to get up a small incline to the freeway.  He blocked Baby-sis and all the rest of traffic for those 45 min.  He eventually pulled to the side so traffic could get by (screwing over everyone because his dinking around messed w/ the momentum they needed to get up the hill)

Baby sis got out of her vehicle, walked up to hs vehicle and said "sir?  Do you know why you couldn't get up the hll?"
"I tried everyting, Itried andtried"
"yes, know why you couldn't get up the hill?"
"because you're an idiot.  You don't know how to drive in snow.  So turn your vehicle around and go home before you hurt someone with your incompetence"

And then she drove away.

I'm so going to get a 'Baby sis has been shot" phone call some day.
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