Wedding Woes


you know, at the end of the episode, when they were all sitting down on the couch?  I WOULD HAVE GONE TO TOWN WITH THE HAIR TOUCHING.  i would have gotten in there and worked my way to scalp.  touch Touch TOUCH!

y'all i cannot WAIT for the makeover episode!  woo HOO this hi-def tv is going to be the end of me!  i mean, the amount of product on the faces!  if i put on all the makeup i owned -- and i mean, all of it, as in a full bottle of tinted moisturizer on the face and the full pan of eyeshadow -- i would STILL be wearing less than some of these chicks.  oface, minm and cw, the previous statement will not apply to you.

melissa (miss awkward): as soon as i saw that fist go into her mouth, i was all "omg!  it's oface!" and i was charmed.  she is socially weird, but it's not a dealbreaker.  she just needs more exposure to different kinds of people and to let loose. 

elizabeth (miss golddigger): she really needs to read that atlantic article about why it's hard out there for both gangstas and single women.  this economy has created a huge number of men who are underemployed OR men who are well-employed and are just playboys and see no need to settle down.  she lacks some serious self-awareness about how shallow she sounds (with nothing to offer) and some awareness about the state of the world economy.
btw, she comes off the worst on hi-def.  this is what primer is for, people.

shalana (miss bitter): did not really register with me.  yet.

despina (miss maneater): i don't understand why she's here.  she's like the female scott baio, in that she kind of hates and does not respect dudes.
if there was a vanjaya whisperer, hers would have an echo.

donna (miss ticking clock): meh.

danielle (miss low standards): whoever these editors are, i love them.  donna's "we all get along after five seconds!" + danielle's "i'mma kill that bitch in five seconds" = comedy GOLD.


tiffany (miss phony): okay, i do not understand lying about your age.  even if you shave off two stupid years (really?  just two?  mmkay), it's not like you will never reach them.  say you lie that you're 29.  in two years you will be 31.  you will be the age you lied about, so what's the bfd? 
and i do not understand stressing our about being over 30.  you know it's going to happen.  actually, you have 30 damn years to prepare for it happening, so stressing and lying makes you a damn fool.
and CL CASUAL ENCOUNTERS.  y'all, burn that couch when this show is over.
i do wonder about the two kids, 10 years apart, by the same man!  that would have been the high school boyfriend.  now i kind of want to know who it is, and based on avonte from last season, i'm going to go with wanya morris.  boyz II men, y'all are dogs.

stephanie (miss husband hungry): this is the barbie.  i will just say -- oh, white people.

btw, i hope hooka watched this show because i thought of her when the chicks were saying "steve is like a drill sergeant!"  um, no.


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    I could be miss awkward.  But I have a way with the mens...I sneak in there with my awkward charm and BAM...they love me.

    Or maybe I'm "miss delusional".  Could be.

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    Yes, there are a lot of power weaves and bad makeup on that show.

    You left off that the last kid is by her married boyfriend. I can't wait for Steve to dissect that one.
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    NOLA - I want to know what a power weave is and WHERE CAN I GET ONE? (I watched Good Hair again, and I back on my weave kick).

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    edited April 2012
    Min, I think you need to bite the bullet and get some hair this summer. Call it your summer hair.:)

    A power weave is a massive amount of hair. It's almost touching their butt, and they look like Simba the Lion.

    This is not a power weave.


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    She's talking like KimK weave. 
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