Wedding Woes

This is a stupid story, and a little long.

My husband and his sister hate each other. They would get into very heated arguments and throw things at each other. She also called the cops on him once before we were dating, because they threw things at each other. he was never arrested. But she has threatened to call the cops on him numerous times after that to get him to back down if they did ever get into a heated fight, even though all they did was exchange words.

So fast forward to our relationship. She and my husband didn't really get along, but she and I would talk all the time because we have the same taste in material things. My husband never cared for it, but he never stopped me from talking to her. But she did always manage to hurt my feelings when she would tell me that my husband was selfish and lazy and no good, so I would get annoyed at listening to her basically tell me that my husband sucked.

She is verbally abusive to my elderly mother in law. She'll say things like she wishes MIL would just die because she's better off, she's useless, she's a filthy pig, she's stupid, the list goes on. She moved in with MIL several months ago because she had a baby and had nowhere to live after she left her boyfriend. MIL does not turn anyone away. (to note, we've all tried to get the abuse to end)

My husband overheard this one night and butted in to tell his sister to shut up or move out, not to talk to MIL like that. Words were exchanged, and in the end she threatened to call the cops for cursing at her while she was holding her newborn infant, even though she was abusing MIL with the baby in her arms.

So then we went to visit over the weekend, with our baby, and I was furious she threatened to call the cops on my husband so I was already in a bad mood. While we were there, she and my husband got into another argument and she once again threatened to cal the cops on his for yelling at her while she was holding her baby, and then I fliiped out and started to yell back, because I had it. I told her that she wasn't calling the cops, and she should shut up. I mean, if she did call the cops, I have a child to think about. I don't want my husband to be arrested for something she started.

Then she slapped my hand and yelled back at me to mind my own business, so we decided to leave. My husband told my MIL that we will never be back to that house as long as she is living there. We haven't been bac since and it has been a month. MIL has not seen my baby since. We also decided to not go over there for Christmas dinner because if my husband and his sister get into a fight, I don't want her to call the cops and then ruin my holiday. I am keeping my baby away from that mess.

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