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Christmas Annoyance

I went to the post office to (finally) mail my christmas cards, and there was one that I knew was heavier than the rest, so I said, I think this one will need extra postage. She picked it up along with one of my other ones and decided they were too lumpy (wtf! I've sent much lumpier cards through the mail with regular stamps) and I'd need to add an extra 20 cents to each cards. So I tell her thats fine and she proceeds to ring up these HUGE 44 stamps and a pile of 5 cent stamps for me. I had to stop her because there was no way I was putting 5 stamps on each card when the envelopes are teeny. It would've taken up the whole envelope. So I had to have her meter every single one because they were out of all other stamps and the line got long and people were bitching about it behind me. And it was annoying. the end.

And then I went to the grocery store and got egg nog and candy cane kisses and I'm happy again.

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    Egg nog and candy cane kisses cure everything. 

    I'm glad that no one tried to trip you on your way out the door.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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