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REAL cheating story

None of that nonsense down there.  ;)

Junior year to Senior year of college I on and off dated a guy who was cray cray for about 8 months total.  He was crazy in a bad way.  He would accuse ME of cheating with some guy I'd met a total of about 2 times, watch my odometer (it was sort of LDR) and say it should've taken me less miles to get to his place.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.  It was kind of self-perpetuated, because I wouldnt' stand up for myself, but kaotow and just let him be in charge.

Come December of Senior year and he calls me.  Regular phone routine, but he starts telling me that he's been seeing this other girl he called "Sarah".  Apparently he and Sarah would spend the week together, but he'd spend the weekends with me.  And "Sarah" was okay with that.  Okay with him spending the weekends with me, sleeping with me...yadda yadda.  I told him he was a liar, that he should give me her number, because I honestly didn't believe any other woman would be stupid enough (yes, really) to spend time with him, like I did.  He never gave me her number, but I basically ended it by telling him he was a "Coward and Asshole".  And hung up.

Never to be heard from again.  It was the best "cheating" ever.

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