Wedding Woes

So I went to ice-cream heaven yesterday...

Since we're local to one of the best agricultural universities in the country (arguably, the world), there's a lot of farm research around.

On campus, you can go to the 'univeristy dairy store' and buy some of the BEST ice-cream known to man.  It may actually be better than home-made (the Mr. says it is).

There is ONE place besides the campus you can buy it...the little ice-cream-shop down-town.

Well, the wife of the owner is one of the local girl-scout leaders...
So they buy a huge amount of girl-scout-cookies and add them to their stuff.
So I had a tag-a-long shanke/blyzard thingy.  As in, she literally said "oh, can you hand me a box of cookies from the shelf over there?", opened them, and made me a cup of heaven.

I think I need to take Buffy back for more this weekend.
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