DIY invites suck!

This is a vent and a question in one. 

We can't figure out the alignment on my printer.  We can feed it through the middle by hand but I'm not doing that for 150 invites.  FI is ready to go buy a new printer that would make it easier, I'm ready to start calling printers!  Ah, I could scream.  We're not stupid people and FI is awesome with computers so I don't know why this is such an issue.  End Vent

We're going to give it one more shot tomorrow night and if that fails, I need to find a printer who is decent but not too expensive to print our invites for us.  This is so lame and I'm a little embarrassed by this but I need help.  Can anyone rec a printer to me who could do this so we can have our invites out by the second week of September?  I don't know what else to do.  We already have the paper, just need someone to print.  A friend suggested Staples but I don't know how great they would turn out.  Anyone have any experience with them?  Any advice would help.  Thanks!

Re: DIY invites suck!

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    My only rec is in NJ.  PostNet in Sewell.  Its my former boss' husband's business and they actually care about what they're doing (as opposed to a 17yr old at Staples who couldn't care less).  Sorry no PA recs.

    Can your FI take it to work to print?
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    We bought a new printer.  Hopefully, this one will work.  I figured the cost of the printer is less than it would have cost to have them printed and I get a new printer out of it. 
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