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Older sister dilemma

My older sister got engaged and she feels like she is getting on in years LOL, so she wants to rush her wedding. I am engaged too, but her wedding is coming up quickly. We talked about the weddings we're having and the colors, and we actually agreed that since we both have the SAME women in our bridal party, that we'll just use the same dresses for my wedding and for hers. So in other words, our bridesmaids will both be wearing cornflower blue dresses - which means they WILL get worn again so it's not a myth that this happens. Anyways, the dilemma I am running into is that she wants me to wear the dress SHE will be wearing as my maid of honor for her wedding, but we can't agree on a dress.

is it terrible of me that I would like a dark blue MOH dress and my older sister wants a cornflower blue MOH dress? i feel like we're being so good on utilizing each other's ideas to make planning the two weddings easier, but I feel like we should have SOME differences. We're of similar size so we could get away with sharing one dress, but I am not so sure I really want to. We both have different color wedding bridal gowns, mine is ivory and hers is pure white with a pale blue sash. We're both not so tall.

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  • are you saying you want your sister to wear dark blue as the MOH and she wants you to wear the cornflower blue?  Since you each get your own wedding, your within your right be in charge of the color scheme and ask her to wear the darker blue.  Its nice that you are trying to share, but yes I would want my own dress too.  every bridesmaid dress I ever got was spilled on in some nature and while you of course could get it dry-cleaned, I'd still be freaking out that the other person would ruin it somehow.  Its not unreasonable to be different from your sisters wedding.  Just make sure that the choice chosen is within her budget.  How far a part are the weddings?

  • Dye the dress after her wedding. 
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    [QUOTE]we could get away with sharing one dress, but I am not so sure I really want to.
    Posted by LaLavercase[/QUOTE]

    Then that's the answer.  If you don't want to (for your wedding, not hers), you shouldn't have to.  I'm impressed/surprised how well you have been basically sharing weddings up until this detail.  A lot of people wouldn't be able to do that.  You have every right to have differences - honestly, you have the right to have absolutely no similarities between the two weddings - and I would be surprised if anyone got upset about you changing this one little thing.
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