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Wedding Woes

I need help! Or I just need to vent. Either way...

I can't wait until my wedding day. Not because I will be married to my fiance (which I am exstatic about, btw) but because this huge amount of stress that I'm feeling because of the wedding will be gone. If it's supposed to be the happiest day of my life, why can't i wait for it to just be over? Don't tell me it's cold feet either, because that's bullsh**.
I guess i feel this way because I don't deal with stress well. And my mother isn't really helping the situation either. She's on my case about every little thing. I know she's stressed too, but it's getting to the point where I just want to go to the courthouse and do it. I have a long list of things to do and I feel there's not enough time to do it (getting married in 12 days). And I suck a delegating.
I don't expect married life to be all "flowers and butterflies." I know I'll get stressed out so I guess what I'm asking is how do I deal with this stress? HELP!!
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Re: I need help! Or I just need to vent. Either way...

  • TheDuckisTheDuckis
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    Totally normal. The day after my wedding was the best day of my life.
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    I feel the same way! After its over we can just be. It's very stressful. I found Sheryl Pauls Conscious Bride pretty helpful. Hope you get through it ok!
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    Weird. I think I stressed maybe once or twice over minor things and I was bouncing around excited/anxious right before walking down the aisle, but otherwise I was just super happy. Seriously, H and I both just couldn't stop smiling.
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    I feel the same way! I can't wait to marry my Fiance, and I know that it will happen, but I am kinda not looking foward to the actual wedding/party.  It sounds bad but my FMIL has sucked the joy out of what is supposed to be a very important/happy day in our lives... She has managed to hate everything about the wedding (except the color of one of my bridesmaids dress) and is actually threatening to stop her relationship with my Fiance if we go through with the first look... (sorry for the quick vent)
    You are not alone :-)
  • Cocnut0216Cocnut0216
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    normal: i'm going through it right now too and ours isn't until January.

    Essentially, although given 2 years notice to plan and save only FI parents sisters and 1 pair of grand parents are making it to our wedding.  His 12 aunts/uncles (and their spouses) who were invited said they can't make it, along with his other set of gparents.  the wedidng and reception will be like 80% my family.  We are seriously debating running away to rome instead, saving 8k (we figure 2 weeks in rome to get hitched and honeymoon is about 3k) coming back, getting a house, and starting a family.  

    It feels like a slap in the face when relatives flippantly tell you they can't make it despite you doing everything short of paying their way to the wedding.  gues who's never getting a christmas card...

    sorry- i had to vent too.  we've been fighting about what to do for about the past week and it's been insanely rough   
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