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I have a story (Kinda long)

Last night, H and I went to a lecture/presentation by a world-famous conservation photographer. We got there plenty early to ensure we got seats since I knew they had a huge waiting list to get in.

We sat down and started people-watching. Most of the audience was made of 50+ men (mostly photographers) who sat and played with their photography apps on their iphones. There was a dude across the aisle from us who was pretty special, however.

He showed up wearing an orange velvet jacket and looked like Doc Brown's long lost brother. He put his jacket on the seat next to him and I knew the fun was about to begin. Because so many people were expected to show, they had signs up saying that seat-saving was strictly prohibited.

In a minute or so, an employee came up, tapped him on the shoulder, and asked him if he was saving that seat. He batted his eyelashes and said, "Oh, no, my girlfriend's in the bathroom."


Eventually some dude sat down next to me and started grumbling about the place being "oversold." Dude. The tickets were free. And you got a seat. STFU. (He spent the lecture totally invading my space, btw.)

All the sudden, H is jabbing me in the ribs and his eyes are bugging out of his head. Doc Brown had pulled out a camera, put it on a mini tripod, and positioned it between his legs. <--Also strictly prohibited.  He played around with his crotch cam for a few minutes, and then - sure enough - he starts taking a video of what's going on. <-- VERY strictly prohibited.

The speaker came out and started doing his thing, and this dude actually starts holding his camera - still on the tripod - over his head to film the speaker and his slideshow. Finally, someone seated behind him comes up and says loudly, "PUT THE CAMERA AWAY. It's against the rules and we can't see a damn thing." Dude harumphs just as loudly, and settles on putting the tripod on the FLOOR to continue filming. (Side-note: This place films the speakers themselves, then posts it on their website for viewing. So there was really no need for him to do this.)

Speaker finished up, and opened it up to questions. Of COURSE Doc Brown's arm was up and flailing around in the air. His question: "Hey, uh, you took me on a tour of the Everglades in '94, and you showed me this particular tree, and I fell in love with that tree. And I went back last year, AND I CAN'T FIND THAT TREE!!!!!eleven!!!!1!! OMG, WHERE DID THAT TREE GO!?!!??!"

I schit you not.

Speaker said, "Uh, well, the 'Glades are pretty big. And if it was that long ago, chances are that tree might be gone."

Doc: "BUT BUT BUT BUT I went down the same road we went down, and around the bend, and then I did the loop, and I saw it from both sides,and I STILL CAN'T FIND THAT TREE!! Here! I have a picture of it!!!" And he started rooting around in his pocket for this damn picture.

At that point, the speaker just chuckled and looked around like, "Next?"

Also at that point, I looked at H and said, "Let's go." I'd had enough of Huffy McGee next to me sighing every time I moved, and we'd both had enough of Doc's antics.

Thank God the speaker was good.

Re: I have a story (Kinda long)

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    Well, did you WW well and came back with a story.

    ::places gold star on Myrtle's lapel::
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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    Wow.  I'm glad the speaker was good.  Too bad those to idiots ruined it for you. 

    YAY for stories.
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    Wow...that is special.
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    AuntFloAuntFlo member
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    I think when he said he fell in love with the tree, he really meant it.  Kudos to him for going back to find his true love.   I hope he finds it someday and that they live happily ever after.
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    hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    i love it when nutty buddies are easy to spot. 
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