Wedding Woes


(more than four men)

One of my friends from graduate school discovered her BF was leading a double life. (I think I have told the story before). He had another GF. He had the exact same blueprints with both sets of women, talking how they were going to build a house on the lake, get married, etc. He even bought both of them the exact same xmas present. When this was discovered, well....the rest of us call it The Big Spectacle. First, she told EVERYONE. Second, she tore hisshit up. I'm talking bleaching the clothes, cutting buttons off of his dress shirts and then told EVERYONE about this, she also became friends with the other woman, and I am sure there was more that I either never knew about, or have forgotten.

Well, she got back together with him. In secret at first, but you can't keep that sort of thing under wraps for very long. My friend Fireman Dan told me about it when we saw him last. Anywhoo - when I asked how friend's BF explained this other woman, well.....wait for it.....wait for it....the BF said it was all part of a test that the government was putting him through to see if he could qualify to be a secret agent. YES! HE HAD A GOVERMENT ISSUED WIFE!

Now, we all agree our friend has some issues, but she has ALL of us floored over this. Her own sister and BIL will not talk to him, or to her about him. When Fireman Dan tried to talk to her, she started getting upset and said she couldn't talk about it because she couldn't cry because she had to go back to work.

So, collectively, we are all like, WTF. Her sister is the one who came to visit and we were talking about it and I said, there ARE more than four men in the world. Friend said, exactly. I posted something about it on FB and the other friend, The Big Spectacle friend commented saying, "that is some funnyshit."

H showed me her comment and said she is so dumb, she doesn't even know we are talking about her. The woman has lost her damn mind. We all agreed we wouldn't go their wedding. My friend (her sister) fears she is already married.

Also, now that she is back with this guy, she is in charge of the money and tracks the GPS on his phone. She searches his car for additional phones, money, etc. Why on earth would you do that to yourself? It's insanity, I tell you. Insanity.


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