uninvited children at wedding dilemma

lets count how many issues can come up in 1 day. ughhh

so now FI cousin, who was invited on the invitation mr and mrs mind you,  apparently, is now bringing their son. They will be driving to philly from New Hampshire. We aren't inviting ANY OTHER children. (except my niece hailey who's my flower girl)

How do i go about telling them that their son( 4 years old) is not welcome? I just don't want to start WW3 with the family. I think maybe if he cant come then the rest of the family wont either. Or do i just let it slide and deal with it?

Re: uninvited children at wedding dilemma

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    If you didn't have any children in the wedding you could make a case that no children are coming. HOWEVER if it's a siblings kid... they can't really say anything. I'd have FI or MIL/FIL call them and say we are really excited you'll be coming, however we don't have accomodations for children, there for little one won't be able to attend. Hopefully you'll still be able to make it. You need to prepare yourself that they may not come in that case, and weigh out if you would rather them plus the kid, or none of them... as those may be your two options.
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    DH had a couple cousins assume their children were invited, like you our invitations stated Mr. and Mrs., no children's names no and family.

    I guess I would let him either say something to them or say something to his parents and have them spread the word.
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