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Complaining Inside

I helped start a local chapter of a national organization about a year ago.

Slowly but surely, people stopped showing up, stopped volunteering, etc.  The last 3-4 meetings were me and the president.  I could go through everything we tried, but what it comes down to was: what we were able to do, didn't get us anywhere and no one ever volunteered/responded to requests for help.

So, it's time for membership renewal and election of new officers.  President has made it into grad school in another state and I'm moving on with another social/charitable organization that is more established.  We've done our due diligence in notifying members of what's going on, trying to find new officers, blah, blah,blah.  Everyone fell through including someone who was supposed to take over as president, which was completely expected.

We voted to dissolve on March 2.  Only the 2 of us were at that meeting, again.

The (now former) prez is now being straight up harassed by the state organization about this.  They keep e-mailing, calling, sending condescending letters, etc.  She forwards them to me for help in responding.  I'm one more e-mail away from telling them off.  I deleted all of the social media last night so that they couldn't send out pleas and BS on our webpages/FB/Twitter.  And then people post back not to give up.  Um...come to a frackin' meeting or pay some membership fees, why don't you!!!!!  If anyone cared, they would've cared 3 months ago..they didn't, so stop it!

I can get so tired of people who talk a big game, but don't ever do anything to back it up.

*off soapbox*

Re: Complaining Inside

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    "We are dissolving the **** Chapter due to lack of involvement and no one willing to step up to take a position of leadership." 

    Repeat as necessary.

    How frustrating that the state organization is brow beating the only folks who were still interested and might have joined another chapter.

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    That's been my standard response to everything.  I'm just getting tired of these people arguing with her and me.  
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    I find that copying all of the crap in the email you sent w/ the answer, verbatim--including the headers and footers that make it clear that you're C&Ping it, makes it work better.

    I'm passive-agressive though.
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