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trashy tv questions

on Tough Love - who is "Sara" (i think that was her name...)? is that Lelani's ex g/f? if so, did we know before the ex episode that she was bisexual?

Virgin Diaries - has anyone seen this? i saw a clip on Tosh's website yesterday -  it was a girl and a guy getting married and sharing their first kiss. they (especially the bride) looked like they were trying to chew each other's faces off. it was disgusting but for some reason i want to watch more of the series.

Re: trashy tv questions

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    I totally get wanting to keep your virginity until your married, whatever your reasons.

    I do not getting making a TV show out of it, or really even thinking anyone else cares.

    I might have watched that show for giggles, but my god, that kiss scared the daylights out of me.
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