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Tough Love anyone?

I finally caught up.

WTH @ Tiffany?  WHAT. 

Also, Stephanie packing her bags??? Bwahahaha. 


Re: Tough Love anyone?

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    Stephanie is so pretty, I wish she would chill out with the make up and do something about her mouth.

    Is Tiffany the one who got kicked out? My DVR cut off the first few minutes of the episode where she left and I missed it.

    Poor Melissa. FI says she has intimacy issues. I was like, she has "I want to be a pretty princess and marry a prince and be a child for the rest of my life" issues.

    Also, Donna sometimes gets the creepiest look on her face when she's smiling. It stresses me out.
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    Yes, Tiffany was still far as everyone was concerned, and even as recent as January 3 or something her "husband" was posting about her as his wife.  I think she was just crazy...for reals.

    And I'm thinking Stephanie already "did" something about her mouth, and now it's permanently messed up.

    Oh, and YESYESYES at Melissa...but really she's a 6 and he's an 8...she needs to take the money and run.

    Donna looks like a scary doll at times....EYEBALLS EVERYWHERE
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    I'm laughing out loud at my desk. Luckily no one is around to see me.

    I knew that lady was a shadeball. I just knew it.

    Can we talk about little Shonda? She's so cute! I like her a lot.

    My addiction to that show is too much. Did you ever see Tough Love Couples? It was TERRIBLE and AMAZING. I was so pleased by it.

    O-Face, I knew I liked you! And now I know why.
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    I might've seen Tough Love couples, but I've probably blocked it out by now.  Hmo, is the TOUGH LOVE queen.  She loves this stuff.  She has the best rundowns.  She needs to come out of her hidey-hole.

    Is Shonda the one with the dimples...fasttalkerneverstopsandbreathes?  Yes...?  She's adorable, and her guy?  HOTTTT

    Oh and what is up with D (names?-distant one) who has a random accent every 12th word or syllable?  Weird.
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    Oh Despina! Yeah, totally bizarre. "I sawr her coming with the plate and I sawr" .... What? Where did that come from? She's a shadeball too.

    Hmo, we need you to join us here man.

    Danielle's date had the broadest shoulders I have ever seen. And I like broad shoulders but... man.
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    Danielle's dude has a bowling ball head.
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