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Sorry for posting this here, but I have a lot more respect for your opinions than those on TB.

As you know, we lost the nanny.  (Oddly, her H emailed us the week before last to say that she'd be home the weekend before last, and that her doctor released her from bed rest and cleared her to go back to work.  He said she'd be available starting last week, but since neither of them have returned our phone calls or emails, we're writing her off for good.)

DD has been waitlisted at one daycare since I was 2nd tri (didn't even know if she was a girl or a boy yet), and we recently put her on a second wait list.  In the mean time, I have an interview next week, and DH is still looking so we don't know exactly where he'll end up working.

There's another daycare right across the street from the office park where I'm interviewing.  If I ended up taking that job, do you think the everyday convenience would outweigh the PITA factor if I'm traveling or sick or something and DH had to drop her off?  There's a chance he might end up working in the same direction, but there's a much bigger chance that he wouldn't.

What's your experience?  Is it easier having DC close to work, or close to home?

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    I prefer having DD closer to home.  However, I have a 40-mile commute.  If it were 10 miles, I'm sure I wouldn't mind having her closer to work.  It depends on where your loyalties lie - your job or your family.  Are you going to be able to leave at TimeX EVERY DAY to be able to pick her up by TimeY?  If not, I'd have her across the street.  If you are a strict 9 to 5er, then having her closer to home would be nice, esp. if you want to grab a gallon of milk before picking her up.
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    (nicoleg, you bring up a good point--I left out that detail.  It's about 20 min. from my house with traffic.)
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    dh and i specifically picked a daycare close to where we work over other daycares closer to where we live. 

    dh and i work about eight blocks apart.
    we commute together, driving and parking in my building, and dh walks to his office.
    the daycare is between his building and my building.
    dh works longer hours, leaving at 6:30; i am done at 5.  this would allow me time to pick the kid up and play or not pick the kid up and run some errands while we are waiting for dh.
    most daycares close at 6:30; we would not be able to pick up the kid in time if it was closer to home.

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    I love commutting with my kids.  We talk during the drive and I spend lunch with them.  If they are sick I'm right there to give them meds or just check in whenever i please. I have a close relationship with all the employees at the daycare.

    I love having them near my job.  Email me if you have more questions.
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    there was a time when miles went to a day care close to my work, but 30 minutes from our home.  if i was sick, or needed to travel, it would have been a major inconvenience for mr. kat to pick up miles.

    that said, it was nice to be so close to him. 

    now, miles is in a day care that is on the way to work for both of us.  we go in different directions to work (i go west 30 min, and he goes east 30 min).  it's a major relief to have the option of mr. kat picking up miles.  this way i can stay late at work for random functions, travel for work, and not worry too much about day care.

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    Daycare is on the way to work for me, and sort of on the way for work for DH. It's about 1/3 of the way to work for me and it's perfect. If I have a day where I know I'm not going to leave in time to pick him up, I don't feel like it's a huge inconvience for Dh to pick up Mr. Chubby.
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    We opted for a daycare closer to home.  Part of the logic, somewhat strangely, was that we wanted him to meet kids from where we live, because they're the same kids he'll (probably) eventually be going to kindergarten and grade school with.

    It's also very close to the pediatrician, so if we have a well-baby or immunization or they're sick, I can just swing by and grab them and be at the pedi's within a few minutes. 

    DH and I work relatively near each other about 20 minutes west of the daycare.  We put our old neighbor on the "allowed to pick them up" list in case there's some kind of emergency or if there's a serious accident that keeps us from getting there in time.

    Really, though, if you've been on wait lists for that long, it sounds like you're just going to have to go with any safe daycare that has a spot for her.

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    Ditto about the pedi's office. Our pediatrician is like a minute from daycare. It's nice knowing I can pick him up and not have to allot extra time to get over to the office. Makes it very quick.
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