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How often do you clean your toilet

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Re: How often do you clean your toilet

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    At least weekly.  more often if needed.
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    Surely some of this depends on teh number of people in your house.  DH and I only clean at all every other weekend.  It's just us and we're at work and/or sleeping 90% of our week.  It doesn't get that dirty.

    We do sweep the floors where we are the most (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom usually) daily.  2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 humans are hard on hardwood.
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    Generally once a week the whole bath gets a scrub.  A 3 yo boy means his toilet gets cleaned as needed (sometimes more than once a day).

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    I am one lucky woman, my husband cleans our bathrooms and scrubs the toliets!

    He does the 3 bathrooms, scrubs the floors and cleans the kitchen. All I have to do is vacum and dust.
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