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I hate being a landlord.

My tenant is the biggest pain in the ass ever.

I sent her a text last night letting her know that DH would be there at 9 to show the place. She responds with, "Oh no he won't! I'll be sleeping then!".

Homegirl does not live in the real world, where people actually are up before the crack of noon. According to Florida law, I am required to give her reasonable notice, which I did, and as long as the showing occurs during normal business hours and I don't infringe on her on a regular basis, I am well within my rights to show the condo at will.

I was able to reschedule for noon today, and I will actually be the one going over there to show the place with Baby A in tow. I don't think she realizes that DH is far nicer in situations like this, and I'm going to lay down the law. And collect my rent check.
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Re: I hate being a landlord.

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    And now I must she a stripper?

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Oh Zsa -- she is the furthest thing from a stripper.

    She's 56 years old with a sense of entitlement that would make a spoiled 16 year old roll her eyes.
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    tenants suck
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    This is exactly why I want to sell my house instead of rent it out (an idea DH keeps floating to me).  Tenants can be so ridiculous and frustrating.  Everyone I know who has rentals bitches about their tenants.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    I'd normally side with the tenants suck, but I'm not sure a text last night for a 9 am showing falls under the "reasonable notice" time frame.  Given that the state of the home can have a direct impact on the showing I'd give her a little leeway here.

    Do you have a realtor?  Why are you doing the showing?
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    Typically, 24 hours notice is considered reasonable.
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    DG1DG1 member
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    Word. I'd need way more than 12 hours' notice, especially if 8 of those hours are traditionally used for sleeping.

    And I know I don't really live in the real world, either, but it's 10:29, and I am still sitting around in my pajamas. Working, cleaning, got the kids off this morning. But pajamas nonetheless.

    And I'll second the wondering why you're doing this yourself. Do you have a property manager? Or does something like this fall outside of their responsibilities?

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    WzzWzz member
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    well, reasonable notice IS a requirement. i'm surprised you thought a text was sufficient! sorry, LS.

    my tenant started to give me a little grief even with notice, and she didnt want me or H around when the realtor showed the place. eventually she understood.

    but we got lucky with her - she was never a problem except in the end - but that is what the security deposit is for,
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    As per Florida law, I have to give her 12 hours notice. I gave her 15 hours.

    I understand that 12 hours can sometimes not be enough, particularly when there are children involved. This woman, however, lives by herself, has minimal furniture and has the cleaning lady that I use there at least once per week. The place is always immaculate.

    We have a realtor, but this is multiple listings and various realtors show the place. We do not have a lock box as of yet, but will be getting on in the near future so that DH and I don't need to be involved with the showings.

    Confession: I know it's silly, but I still get annoyed with H now and again for buying that ridiculous condo that we're still under water on and can't sell.
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    15 hrs still seems a little short.  Even with an MLS it should be your realtor's responsibility to get the key to the showing agent.  The only time I had to deal with getting someone in was when 6let locked the top lock and no agent had a key for that.

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    even though it's law, 12-15 hours still seems too short, especially with a notification by txt. 

    a call with 24+ hours would be reasonable to me - at least gives the person a resonable amount of time to change their plans or clean up a little. 
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    Well, her and I had a nice reasonable talk, and she said for me to just give her an hour and make it during the afternoon. Fine.

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