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Divorced parents! HELP!

I'm newly engaged (YAY), so we should be excited right? Well my parents have been divorced for 5 years and both are remarried, since the divorce was terrible they still hate each other! Now when me and my fiance talk about wedding plans both parents get upset because the think the other is having more control/influence over the wedding than the other! How do I make the madness stop!?!?!

Re: Divorced parents! HELP!

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    Stop talking to your parents about your wedding planning. If they ask why explain, "You and Mom/Dad are making wedding planning more difficult than it needs to be because you two can't be adults about this, so all you need to know is that X is done, Y is done. Thank you."
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    Have you tried sitting down with each of them and telling them how their behavior is making you feel? Maybe try to point out that it is OK for them to still feel animosity towards each other but this day is about you and your fiance celebrating your love for each other and the begining of your life together.  I think sometimes people can let their emotions take over and they don't even notice they are doing it, once they realize it is taking away part of the fun for you maybe they will decide to act like grownups.  I would also say that if they need to complain to someone else about each other thats fine but in this situation you do not think it is fair that they come to you and you do not want to be stuck in the middle.  That is what i would/do say at least.  Hope it is helpful :)
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