Wedding Woes

so do I make cookies that we eat over the next few days

or do I find a 'make ahead and freeze' recipe--so I can p op dough in the oven in 2 weeks and have warm cookies THEN?

(I think I need to make the 'normal' ones regardless because, hi, cookies!  )

Re: so do I make cookies that we eat over the next few days

  • I would make one batch for now and one batch to freeze for later.
  • Actually, I changed my mind. If I were you I'd start some complicated recipe that takes multiple days to complete, because then with the help of Murphy's law you'll go into labor before the recipe can be completed and then you'll have a little tiny baby!
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    ooh, I like this murphy's law thing.  (I"m only 4 days past due :-P)
    Good plan!

    I'm guessing it happens before Wed because Wed is 'buy 1, get 1" day at the little Italian Bakery down town--so I never get there to get my tasty bread--I'll either not be able to get there or the bread will be stale when I get home, right?
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