Wedding Woes


y'all, i can't wait for next week for the stuff about everyone's mom.  so's your mom, indeed.

okay, so it's all about dealbreakers this week.  as i've discussed many times, my dealbreakers are things like doesn't spit on the sidewalk, still speaks to his parents and has a job.  i didn't think i needed to get specific like "makes at least $80K."  but i guess i didn't think that was an option.

anyhoo, michelle killed me with her doctor who loves to work out and have kids.  girl, when is this man going to have time for you AND his required continuing medical education?  you so crazy.  also, that outfit is something you wear underneath things, not just as is.

i didn't realize that being an nba ref is a career.  the more you know.  btw, i love avonte more and more each week.  i may or may not have looked around for a piece of gum after this episode.

i know y'all think it's funny that brigette obsesses over her hair ... because she does not have nice hair.  no quiero tocarlo.

i hope george uses his tourettes for evil.  i know i would.  y'all, he deserves someone better than leilani.  she is the most superficial pos ever.  i mean, george deserves this chick over him -- i'll be she's nicer.

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