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Mini family drama

We're pretty boring people, but this has my mom honked.  My niece and nephew have birthdays in November and December.  The kids are getting older and that's a tough time so bro and SIL decided instead of doing a party they'd combine and do an activity when things weren't quite so busy. 

A long time ago they picked Feb 19 to do this activity (remember niece's bday is in Nov, but whatever).  We all mark our calenders and await further instructions.  Nothing, nothing, nothing.  SIL dumped the planning on Bro, which I don't blame her for in the least. 

Mom finally calls bro and says "what's up?"  Bro says I'll get on it.  Mom suggests meeting in the middle, going bowling, and getting pizza.  Bro waits and waits.  Tuesday Bro calls mom and says "we have a plan.  Wife will make meatballs and we'll come to your house!"  Mom's all WTF?  There's no mention of anything except meatballs and sauce. 

So now the party bro was supposed to through invovles my mom cleaning house, making a dessert and salad and bread.  My sister and I feel bad for mom so we're bringing some snacks and stuff.  Mom's pissed.

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    That's ridiculous.   Is your brother normally this flaky?  Is this the one that does mission trips and stuff? (I'm just rying to keep people straight)

    Your mom should 'bill' him for her party planning services and venue rental.  :)
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    Not the mission trip brother, he doesn't have kids.  This is banker brother.  He's more like my husband.  He doesn't see the behind the scenes for a party.  SIL always has a nice party and just takes care of everyhting.  Example- we went to their house for pizza.  Bro brought home the pizza.  SIL got the kids home from school and started the homework early, arranged someone to pick one of the kids up from volleyball, made a nice salad with homemade dressing, had some wine, and brownie sundaes for dessert.  Bro thought he had the hardest part. 

    So in bro's mind all a party needs is meatballs. 
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    Someone needs to stop him and ask, "Have you ever been to a party where the only item served is meatballs?"   Jesus be a clue.

    Have fun anyway.  :) What did you end up getting your nephew.
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    There was a late entry for a stomp rocket (I think it was GB?)  It shoudl be here today.
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    a meatball party sound super duper fun! glad you all had to wait this out. i hope no one had a heart attack from all the excitement.  ;)
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    Poor mom.  And poor kids who have to wait 3 months for a bday party.  I understand the holiday issues, but still.  It sucks for them.
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    i don't understand why your mom agreed to this. it's her house, she could have said no.
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    [QUOTE]i don't understand why your mom agreed to this. it's her house, she could have said no.
    Posted by *Barbie*[/QUOTE]

    Sure she could have said no, but it's her grandkids.  There aren't many people that would deny their grandkids a party. 
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    I'm with Barbie, but I'm sure your mom doesnt' want to slight her grandkids because their dad is a ding dong.

    Sounds like fun...what could go wrong with ZEEE MEATABALLS!?
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    Your mom needs to clean off the table and call it a day.  If there is no salad or dessert there, it is bro's fault.  Dude is old enough to learn that "I'll take care of it." =/= "My mom will do it for me."

    I'm so glad that birthdays in my family involve no more than a card dropped in the mail.  It doesn't even have to  be one time.


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    it's not a question of denying the kids a birthday celebration - I'm sure she could take them out for pizza and bowling like she suggested. it's a question of telling your brother that no, her house is not available, and either he needs to host at his house or come up with an alternate location.

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    That is pretty rude of them to make their "plan" include hosting a party for I am presuming young children.  Also, my FI and I are both very italian and have never been to a party where only meatballs were served.  It is usually like meatballs in a crock put with rolls, and that is served when it is a pot luck sort of deal.

    I would be pissed to, I don't understand why they wouldn't just do something like pizza and bowling, inexpensive, easy, and no one has to clean up!

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    hilray, maybe they aren't italian and have no idea that you don't just put a bowl of meatballs on a table and gather around to sing happy birthday. you know how those non-eyetalians like to screw things up.

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