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what. the. hell. 2 schools local to where I work (the yuppie suburbs) have had


Because some punkass high-schoolers decided to text out to their parents/friends/etc "there were shots fired, I'm hiding in a closet" type texts.

One of my instructors was in the car, on his way before his kid texted that it was a hoax (his kid was NOT the person who started it, his kid was updating dad on WTF was happening because the kid was scared) and that they were all fine.

Re: what. the. hell. 2 schools local to where I work (the yuppie suburbs) have had

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    Good lord, kids are dumb.
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    part 2 of that is that there are 'rumors' that there are huge plans for everyoen to bring weapons to school on friday (even before last week) because 'end of the world'.

    I'm out of WTF.
    Parents are pulling their kids and I know a lot of parents here who aren't sending their kids on friday, no matter what.
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    About 6 of our local schools have had bomb threats called in during the past 2-3 days.  I hope they find the jerk who is making the calls.  Not. Funny.
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    I would beat my kids butt if I found out he did that.

    Beat...his...____. I don't care if he is 17.

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    they've found the kids involved in this BS. (not the 'bring weapons', but the 2 texts that started the 2 lockdowns)
    Who were, and I quote "only joking"Yell
    (there's not info on WTF the punishment will be yet.)
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    I'm really not sure what I would do to my child.  But I know that it would have to involve me telling them to go to their room while I went somewhere else, so I didn't fly completely off the handle.  B/c I'm sitting firmly with NOLA, but that'd haev to be after like...five hours.
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