Wedding Woes

We all have the flu :(

It started with DD1 at 4:30am saturday and it has made the rounds to all of is in one form or another.  DD1, Son and I camped out in the living room together last night.

No one in this family has had the flu in years, and this is the first time either girl has been sick.  I can remember the last time Son threw up and it was 6 years ago.

We're all sharing the last sleeve of saltines and I'm going to have to run to the grocery store for some things because Sunday is grocery day and I couldn't go.

I think we're all perking up and DD2 and I are doing the best.  I hope it's almost over.

Re: We all have the flu :(

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    oh noes!
    can someone deliver you saltines?
    (at least you'll be better in time for Christmas?  but, ugh)
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    Suckage!  :(  I hope you all feel better very soon.
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    yuck. hope everyone is feeling better soon. 
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    The ILs have offered to come in if we need anything, but I'd hate to have them come from 20 min away just for the quick trip I'm planning.  I'm thinking of going this afternoon just to be sure everyone is feeling well enough to not puke while I'm gone.  DH can't handle puke.  I clean that up and he's got everything else.
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    hope you guys all get well soon. at least it is well before christmas.

    and sheesh, i thought we have it bad with one kid on antibiotics and some sort of something keeping him awake.

    keep lots of plastic bags around in case someone can't make it to the bathroom. good luck.
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    Sorry, Taw. That blows. It's hard enough when only one person is sick.
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    Booo!  ::passes Taw a Sprite:: 

    (or are you 7-up family?  Sierra Mist? I don't want you to get in trouble with an offending brand in your posession)

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    We're a Sierra Mist Natural family, zsa, but we may or may not have had Sprite in our possession recently.  :)

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