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And now 3 weeks before the wedding I have to get a new dress?!?!

So a friend of my FMIL who is a seamstress and has been making dresses for 30 years offered to make my wedding dress a few months ago. I thought I was cutting it close at that time (my wedding date is Oct 1) so I agreed to that. I had tried on a dress by Demetrios but couldn't afford it, the cost would have been around $1200. This lady said she could make it for less than that so I sent her a check for $600. I just got the dress yesterday and it hardly resembles the one I had tried on at the salon. There were supposed to be crystals at the bodice and on the hips. What she put there are plastic looking beads and little silver ball beads. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT WAS ON THE ORIGINAL DRESS! They are not even placed correctly on the dress either, they are all crooked. Instead of being at the same place on each hip on one side they are higher up and closer to the front of the dress. Also, even with tying the corset back it will need to be taken in at least 3-4 inches! We gave her my measurements and I am still at the exact same weight as I was then, there is no reason why it should be off by this much. I took it to a new seamstress who even said the work looked extremely cheap but it would cost a lot of money to find enough crystals and it would also cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to do all the beading over. FMIL is extremely upset about it, partly because she blames herself so she is going to pay me back the $600. But now I have to go around the bridal salons in my area and buy something off the rack from there, and it would have to be close to my size too because now there will only be about two weeks to do any alterations. I just can't believe with all the other wedding stuff that I'm dealing with right now that I'm back to square one for my dress! Sorry this is so long, I just really needed to vent!

Re: And now 3 weeks before the wedding I have to get a new dress?!?!

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    That sucks.

    You will find something great off the rack though, and seamstresses can work fast. Good luck!

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    I'm sorry you have to deal with this so close to your wedding. 

    In addition to checking out the bridal salons near you, if you have a Lord & Taylor or Nordstrom's in your area, they both carry wedding dresses as well - I just browsed the Nordstrom site, and many of them look very nice and are all affordable.

    Good luck with your search!
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    That really does suck.  I'm so sorry you have to look so quickly, but at least you got your money back.
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