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Why did I not realize that M2 and DefConn are only 13 days apart?!  I thought it was closer to 3 weeks than 2 for some reason.  :)  Are you having her party this weekend?

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    6fsn6fsn member
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    You posted something the other day that made me think the same thing.  Then I got distracted before I could say something.  We'll blame it on having a few other things going on when we had them.

    We are having a party this weekend.  I'm having a bit of an issue figuring out how to go from 2 refrigerators + a wine frig to one simple side by side.  But the decorations are made, favors wrapped, serving pieces clean, and I even managed to find the ice bucket last night.

    Someone is coming to see the house for the third time Friday.  While I hope she offers, I really don't want to be negotiating during the party.

    Are you living it up for the first?

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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    We're having his party next Saturday.  It's mostly going to be family and a few friends.  But it's still going to be over 20 people with that.

    We're having the party catered (taco bar from a local Mexican place) and my sister is making the cake/cupcakes for the party.  We did not want to mess with cooking.  Is it bad to serve beer and margaritas a 1 year old's b-day party?  ;)

    I'm praying this beautiful weather continues so that people can be inside and outside. 

    We sold our sectional this week, they're coming to get it on Saturday.  And then we need to go buy a loveseat and get the couch that my parents gave us into the living room.  I can't wait.  I think it's really going to open the space up to have the sectional out of our living room.

    I hope that you're not negotiating during the party.  Maybe you can get it all done tomorrow (if she makes an offer)!  :)
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    6 - did you leave your refrigerators and wine fridge at the old house? when we moved, we took everything that wasn't nailed down, and even some stuff that was. (including the 50+ year old fridge that the old owners had left in the basement - we mostly used it for beer/pop and the freezer - we had them haul it away when we bought the chest freezer. i still miss having the second fridge.)

    conn - we had an open bar for Wolverine's 1st birthday (backyard BBQ/pool party). i think this was greatly appreciated by all of the adults in attendance (which was about 70% of the guest list)
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    margaritas and beer are the best part of the party.  DH bought a case of wine.

    We're hoping for good weather too.  We normally have 18-20.  We're at 25 with 3 more possible.  I took the grandmas up on offers to do something.  My mom and the guy that did our wedding cake are in the cake biz now so they are doing her bday cake as a gift.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    Barbie- this house came with a frig and one in the garage (that we specifically asked they remove that they didn't).  We left the other 2 at the old house as part of negotiations.  We are waiting to see what people want.  If they want both we'll get a new one here.  If they want neither we'll keep one and dispose of the old one here and the other old one.  AEP will pay $50/frig.

    Most times appliances stay, but we had a little different situation with the 2 kitchen thing.  We built the wine frig into the second kitchen where the dishwasher had been so it's a little odd too.

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