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I am an admitted lover of Sting.  Have been for years, have all of his albums, love his voice, have bought singles to have the B-sides, etc.

I love the Symphonic treatments that have been done of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Metallica, all of it.  I think usually those treatments reveal layers of the music that you don't get to hear in the "rock" version.

With that information, the Symphonicities (which annoys me anyway, b/c Synchronicity is from the Police, not just Sting), is horrible.  It's not interesting and it doesn't add anything to any of the music.  It's so boring and basically just feels most of the time like a string quartet backing up Sting.  And really, while he's in good vocal mode, who cares about a string quartet version of Roxanne?  You want a new interpretation of that that's magnificent, grab the Moulin Rouge version.

Very, very disappointing.

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