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We've been movie watching fools lately. 

Drive: This movie is weird as hell.  There's not a whole lot of dialogue or action.  So it's a lot of staring and Ryan Gosling giving people one or two word answers.  It makes the story hard to follow. If you've seen a preview commercial for it, you've seen 90% of the dialogue in the movie.  With the cast it had, it was a disappointing movie. And the soundtrack is terrible 80's synth-pop. 

Mr. Popper's Penguins: Better than I expected.  Still not great, but it was tolerable while I was surfing the web and keeping half an eye on it.   The penguins were funny.

Rio: Adonkable.  Loved it.

The Ides of March:  Meh.  It was OK.  It was an interesting plot, but it needed more...something.

Soul Surfer: Cute and inspring .  Carrie Underwood needs to stick to singing.  It did have a decent cast of adults, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, and Coach from the TV show "Coach".

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    chronicles of narnia: voyage of the dawn treader: AWFUL. the special effects/CGI was just bad. i felt like the whole movie was filmed in front of a green screen by a drunk cameraman. i was actually starting to feel nauseous watching it. (maybe it was just the stomach bug that i've been trying to get over, but i think the movie contributed a lot). I'm not sure if the plot followed the books (i haven't read them since i was a kid) - but the plot was lacking too. this had to be made/produced/directed by someone other than the people involved in the first 2, because it just didn't compare.
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