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A br annoyance

I had the big go rounds with obs with 6let.  I had a locum yesterday, but he was cool so it was all good.  The new annoyance?  There was a huge ass sign that the hospital is buying out my obs practice.  The docs will stay the same and all that, but the hospital is going to own it.

When they did this with our family practice we had mega billing issues.  To the tune of 6let's vaccinations being charged at $1400 to US.  It took 6 months and practically daily phone calls to get that straightened around.  Y'all know I've already had billing issues with theses people.  I'm not looking forward to this AT ALL.

Oh, and while I was there a woman was giving her 1 yo Smarties and Tootsie Rolls.  She was with her mom, her mom's 4 yo, her sister, and she was pg.  I'm not sure why it took 3 women and 2 kids to go to the doc, but whatever.  She was also talking about the 1 yo getting a bruise on her chin.  She assured her sister she took pics and got written statements from everyone that saw the accident in case the baby daddy reported her again. 

The biggest shock of all this?  That the people who saw it could write anything.  Oh, and this info was all volunteered to me.  I was not eavesdropping.

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