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DH and I received our costumed wedding invite.

We've settled on going as the Married Mat Hatters. Mainly b/c after looking at Mad Hatter hats for him, I decided I wanted to wear a hat as well.

This is his costume pattern:

Please help me decide between patterns for me:

Re: Opinions

  • Number 1 is more easily distinguished as mad hatter.
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    [QUOTE]Number 1 is more easily distinguished as mad hatter.
    Posted by **O-Face**[/QUOTE]

  • Oh, this is just the base.  We'll be adding at least the ribbon and scissors and clocks hanging from pockets, hats for both that have the price tags on them, gloves, wig for DH, etc.  I wouldn't just wear this and say, Yeah, i'm the mad hatter!  ;)
  • #1 is definately more fun and probably more flattering as well. 

    So are you sewing these?  All of those patterns are so far beyond my skill level that I they make me nervous just looking at them.


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • You already have my opinion :D
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  • I can sew the #2 probably by myself, it's really not that complicated once it starts going together.  

    #1 is a beast, clocking in at 24 pieces.  I'll require Mom's expertise and she keeps looking at it and muttering, which isn't the best of signs.  The jacket is okay on that, it'll be a PITA mainly b/c of the amount of fabric it has and how those sleeve caps go in (if it shares a seam with the sleeve, which I imagine it will, I think I'll need to have some wine after doing each one).  I've never done a bustier before and from Mom's muttering, I think she might have and is cursing in advance.  The skirt will be a major PITA.

    I'll say, I like #1 better.  What I want to do is get a crushed velvet for DH (preferably purple, b/c I found an excellent crushed purple Mad Hatter Hat for $10) and then whatever fabric I make his bow tie out of, use for the bustier and then have purple taffeta for the rest of teh outfit.  I'm going to the cheap fabric store to see what I can find in crushed velvet and taffeta.  #1 requires nearly 2x as much fabric as #1 (I think almost 16 yards, gulp).
  • I would scrap those pleasts on #1 and just do a simple skirt, but maybe pleats aren't as difficult as I think they are.


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • Pleats are a PITA and I was considering doing that.

    I also considered having slimmer skirt from #2 with jacket from #1.  But the fabric will make the jacket #1 stiff so it'll sit away from the body.  I can't decide if the slimmer skirt will look good or bad with that.
  • The full skirt makes it more costumey and fun. 

    Or make it shorter if you have some funky boots you can wear.  Bonus points if you dye a crinoline that will hang out a few inches!

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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