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Original plan was to have Xmas at our house because it's the only one actually big enough to hold 6 adults and 5 children (4 of whom are under 26m).

MIL changes her mind a couple of days ago, and now it's at her (~900 square foot) house.  Um, ok. Whatever lady. 

Today, I found out why.  They are thinking about moving, and it might be the last christmas in the only house they've ever lived in as a married couple.  39 years, folks. 

Even better? They are looking to buy a foreclosure, fix it up, and flip it.  <insert record scratch here />  Yeah.  They put in a bid on a foreclosure 2 doors down from their house, but they didn't get it. 

This whole thing sounds entirely bizarre to me.  DH says they are doing it to make some money, which makes approximately no sense to me.  I mean, flipping houses isn't exactly the moneymaker it was 8 years ago.  And I don't think this is the best neighborhood for a flip.  And they claim that they would have to live in the foreclosure (as a requirement of purchase).  DH and I were confused about that, but whatever. 

If they just want to fix up a house, either to live in a nicer house or to give FIL a project, they could work on the house they live in now - knock down a wall or two, replace the gorgeous paneling they put up in 1972 or whatever.

I think it would be pretty traumatic to live 2 doors away from the house where you spent 39 years and raised 2 kids and have to watch someone else live there, paint it, fail to cut the grass, maybe cut down your favorite tree, whatever. 

Anyway, I'm confused. And now Xmas is going to be there.  Hopefully that means we'll only need to stay a couple of hours.


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    FIL just put in an offer on a house to flip.  FIL also has the know how and connections to do this sort of thing.  And he could pay cash.

    At least you don't have to clea now.

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