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Guestlist...HELP!!! :3

Im having a dilema!! My wedding went from being in a local church, to on the beach in cancun to now on a small island in michigan. Originally it would just be me and my groom, but we moved it closer to home so our families could attend. We decided on imediate family only but that leaves out my best friend, who said she's rather die than not see me get married, and a sloo of other people our families think will be offended if not invited. I know that if certain people are there, others will be hurt....yet on the other hand, so will my best friend and other distant relatives if not invited at all. What do I do???

Re: Guestlist...HELP!!! :3

  • You have to be a little more specific about which people you want to invite and which you want to leave out. But you should be fine with just immediate family if that's what you want. No matter how big your wedding you'll probably always offend someone, but if it's just immediate family there's not really any legitimate objections people outside that group can raise. It gets trickier when you add people beyond that.

  • I would invite bff and tell the other cousins you're sorry, it just wasn't in the budget. Tell them you'll have them over for dinner some time.
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