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Sister with medical condition

So my sister has a very rare medical condition that basically makes her allergic to everything (not even exaggerating).  She has agreed to be in my wedding, butI am  trying to figure out what to do in order for her to be able to do so. 
Should she carry silk flowers instead of real, or none at all?  Should I make all the bridesmaids wear dresses made of cotton (the only fabric that she doesn't react to) or should she just wear whatever she can, and the rest of the girls do something different?  I was planning for everyone to have different dresses, just the same color and fabric style.  I want her to be a part of my wedding. 

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    It's really up to you, but she's going to stick out like a sore thumb if she's the only one with different flowers and a different dress.  I think this could be done, it just may take a bit more work.  For the flowers talk to the florist, there may be some silks that are better than others and some flowers that do better in silk so you couldn't tell the difference.  Just a thought though, if the others stand next to her with flowers will that cause a reaction?

    For dresses you might need to go for a more basic color (black) to keep the color the same and just let the girls pick from any store in cotton. 

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    Reading your post, to me it sounds like the options are to accomodate just your sister by giving her a different dress, bouquet, etc (and making her stick out in the process) or really including her by having all of the bridesmaids wear dresses etc that will match what works for your sister.  Personally, I'd recommend the second option.  Your sister has probably always felt like an outsider with her condition.  There are some lovely cotton dress options out there.  There are also many "alternative" bouquets that might work (check out the DIY board) -- some people carry brooches or origami flowers, or you could even have them carry something else, like parasols. 
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    IDK any of the details of the sister's allergenicity, but I'd work with you sister and come up with a brainstorm list of what sort of things are ok for her to handle, and proximity to allergenic things, and start to work with that. I think she would appreciate being accommodating in the spirit of being inclusive. Different but complementary colors could work for dresses, cotton dresses can be pretty and save a TON of money, you might be able to find a pattern and a seamstress to sew them for you. I think one if the posters mentioned origami flowers, which could be great, and bouquets can be made up months in advance. Paper Source also has bunches of paper flower kits. Spendy, but does this constitute wedding woe help? :D
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