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house related yay/boo

... although more boo than anything

haven't found a buyer for our house yet, so looking at taking the corporate buyout. for the buyout, the house assessed for a little below what we paid, but the company makes up 100% of the difference, so we don't lose any equity. HOWEVER... to take the buyout, we also have to go through a much more in-depth inspection (which just came back this week) and now 5 more subsequent inspections on *possible* findings or areas where the other inspector isn't an expert. We also have to pay out of pocket for all repairs (done by licensed contractors) to satisfy the inspections. inspectors are not supposed to have any contact with the homeowners, other than to ask us to let them access various areas of the house. 

boo: from general inspection, we need to do about 4-5 repairs which will probably end up costing us $1000-$2000 total

boo: had first of follow-up inspections with chimney guy today

yay: he broke the rules and talked to me - gave me a heads up and let me know what was going in the report. he showed me what the issue was, and cleaned out the chimney. 

boo: we're going to need to install a liner in the chimney because of 50 years of deterioration. we're lived here 2.5 years and this is way beyond the scope of any normal home inspection. it will be pricey. :-(

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    I've heard those corporate inspections are a huge PITA.  I'm so sorry you're having to do this.
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