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Three things

1. If anyone is in need of some great quality 8x10s, is having a 50%-off sale that runs through Saturday. I love this printer - they do great work, and their shipping is very speedy. Enter the coupon code: 8x10sale (Not a vendor!)

2. I just bought a new lens. It's normally $700, and I got it for 50% off, PLUS I had a 10%-off coupon code AND free 2nd-day shipping. Woot!

3. We're heading to NYC in a couple weekends. Anyone have any recommendations on hotels/things to see/etc.? Or more importantly, things to skip? Sadly, I don't think I'll have time for a GTG. This is our late anniversary/Xmas/VDay gift to ourselves and I'm excited.

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    yay for 1 and 2

    3. I'm sure the locals will have great insight, but DH and I really enjoyed Ellis Island. 

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    Dammit, Stinky! Make time for a lunch!

    To see: The Met; The cloisters (religious art - part of the Met but housed elsewhere); TT, WZ, Busy; Central park (just walk around - it's gorgeous!); Have a drink at The Campbell Apartment (it's in Grand Central Station); Try to catch a broadway show or an opera; Busy, WZ, TT; Just walk around and people watch. It's a great city to walk in and you'll get some of the best people watching/photos ever.

    Avoid: Times Square as much as possible. It's a tourist trap and honestly, there's not much there to see.
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    Nice for 1 and 2.  I love getting a deal.
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    Big Wong in China Town.  It's on Mott Street. 
    Katz Deli on the lower east side.  Get the BRISKET.  YOu will have afood-gasim.
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