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Update on my Kidney

So, an xray confirmed that the 5mm stone in my left kidney has moved from the top of the kidney to the opening to the ureter. It's just small enough that it could pass on its own, but if that doesn't happen within 2 weeks (or if the pain gets unbearable), I'll need surgery. Apparently they don't blast stones apart anymore (or at least she doesn't) because any little pieces that get left behind just grow back into bigger stones.

I have a pee hat, a strainer, a 2 week supply of prostate medicine(?), big bottles of vicodin and toradol, and instructions to work with the pain and avoid the ER at all costs.

This is not going to be pleasant. I have a follow-up on Tuesday, and I really really hope the stone is gone by then. The surgery does not sound pleasant, so vibes for this thing to pass on its own--and quickly--would be greatly appreciated.
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