Wedding Woes

Man, flights are expensive for TG.

You would think my cheapness would win out, and I would just drive.

Nope, I hate driving even more.

What happened to me flying home for $150? I miss those days.:(

Re: Man, flights are expensive for TG.

  • Amen.  We just booked Thanksgiving and it's not pretty.  But like you, far better than driving.

    Ah, well.  It will be worth it to see everyone, right?
  • Heffa, you are right. I didn't go for TG last year, and I missed my family.

    I'll just deal this year. I told mom she has to come here for Christmas. My sis and I are going to split the ticket. She's been crying broke lately, and it's cheaper to fly her here, than both of us flying there.
  • I've been looking for flights.  I should have booked a month ago when I saw $250 but plans weren't definate yet then.  Now they are up to $350+.  At least we have the option to drive the 14 hours if we need to. 

    But you know what is cheap at TG?  Hotels.  Yes, we will not be bunking with family for the first time and I found a nice hotel for $55 on hotwire that turned out to be in the perfect location.  Huzzah!


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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