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I'll let you know my thoughts on Disney when we get back.  How old is your nephew?

We were having an issue with when we should go.  DH took Son to Disney right as we first met (so I obviously didn't go), so Son was very young.  We wanted to make sure he got to go back when he was still young enough to think it was cool.  We know DD won't remember any of it and the trip isn't so much about her as it is him.

Anyway, we wanted Son to be able to have a genuinely good time at Disney one last time because we know we'll go back when DD (and any other children) will be old enough to remember the vacation.  By that point, Son may be too cool to let loose and have fun at Disney.

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    If you want, you're welcome to give me DD for the vacation and we'll have fun with her.  ;)
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    I'll just ship her out today.  She's teething and it's been a long, screamy week.

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    My DD and yours can chew on each other.  :)  
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    (BIL and SIl's kids) Nephew is 6 and neice is 4. I think they were going to wait until he was 7, I think?

    My nephew (sister's kid) has been to Disneyland a ton of times (my family doesn't live too far from it). He is as old as neice. I think he'll be like me, and never remember his first visit, but remember going all the time.

    And thanks in advance for the info :)
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    Which Disney are you going to? Land or World?
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    World.  We'll probably hit Land someday.
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