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Anyone want a 3 yo?

All he wants to talk about his his birthday party.  It's not until SEPTEMBER!!!  He wants balloons, cake, cousins, a work bench, hockey stick and helmet,  candles to blow out and make a wish.

It was cute 4 days ago, but if this keeps up any longer I'm goint to shoot myself.

Re: Anyone want a 3 yo?

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    Oy.  I feel for you.  The kiddo (who's 11) does the same thing with telling us isht over and over again. 

    Is there something else you can get him excited about?  Maybe his new bedroom at the new house?
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    Oh we talk about the new house constantly too- can we take this? can we take that? We need to borrow pap's truck to move? Are we taking Megan's bed?  Can I get bouncy shoes to bounce to the ceiling and slide down the walls?

    Imabout to slide down the walls.
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    It's amazing how their little minds work to figure stuff out.  Exhausting but amazing!
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    Hee!  At least he is cute and funny. 

    Remind yourself that you aren't in an office with a sweaty 300 pound co-worker obsessing over the kind of paper in the copy machine. Because that is not cute.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Time to play the 'quiet game' and don't be above bribing for silence.  ;)
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    I'd trade you, but it would be more of the same.   She is OBSESSED with birthdays and whose birthday is next and will we have cake and will we sing and how many more days until daddy's/pawpaw's/cousin's birthday and how long before hers and she wants a Cinderella/Aurora/Robot/Pirate/Flavor of the week party, blah. blah. blah.

    And, YES!, thank GOD they are cute.
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    We also have an obsession with birthdays. Interesting.

    Last night, he says, "I'm 3!"

    "I'm 35," I said.

    (exasperated) "You haven't had your birthday yet!!"

    And really. God help us if they see a balloon anywhere, anytime. "They're having a birthday!!"  Yesterday, they asked to go to SIL's house for Nephew's birthday. (Which it was, last time we were there. On December 3.)

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    She's also obsessed with when Halloween is.  She checks in every few days to make sure it hasn't sneaked up on her.   She knows that Halloween is before HER birthday and then after her birthday it's Christmas - - so everything hinges on when Halloween is.  
    Anyone elses kid do this?
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    6let wants to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween and talks about that a lot too.
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