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mom's boyfriend, only guy at bridal shower

my mom has decided that she wants to throw my bridal shower regardless of ettiquette.  Her boyfriend is very kind and generous, yet a bit flamboyant and feminine.  My mother brings him everywhere regardless of male or female event and when she throws parties, he helps cook, clean, entertain etc.  I asked my mom if he would be at my bridal shower and she told me "yes."  I told her that it is usually a "girls only" party (which she is aware of) but I feel that it will totally change the dynamic of all interactions at the shower.  He already came to the bridesmaids dress selection unannounced and sat near the dressing room.  I'm not sure how to proceed with this without hurting feelings and making sure that only women are at the shower...HELP!

Re: mom's boyfriend, only guy at bridal shower

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